Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cool Minifigure of the Week: Iron Patriot

My favorite minifigure this week is the ultra-rare Iron Patriot.  Iron Patriot was made famous in the latest Iron-Man movie, Iron-Man 3.  Why LEGO decided to only have him available with a Pre-order from Walmart of the LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes Video Game, I will never know.  If you want to get your hand on one, your best bet is eBay, they run around $30 - $40 USD.  WARNING:  Be aware, there are fake/counterfeits out there.  Anyways, he's my jam.

Iron Patriot LEGO Minifigure
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Game Packaging


  1. I have this one! LEGO has only made six suits so far (War Machine, Iron Patriot and four Iron Man suits: Mark VI, VII, XVII, and XLII, plus a rare one from New York Toy Fair) They need to make more so we can make a proper Hall of Armor

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